We Moved! 

Our toys products have moved over to our sister company, Beacon. Visit and learn more about our products at

Find out why customers ask for a Beacon toys product by name. Offering reliable coverage that policyholders have come to trust; Beacon Boats, Ridesmart Motorcycles and Off-Road Vehicles by Cansure are our marquis lifestyle products.


Beacon Boats  is one of Canada’s top insurance products for pleasurecraft owners. We offer All Risk, Agreed Value coverage, competitively priced for a broad range of vessels.

Off-Road Vehicles

Our policy provides Physical Damage coverage options, with either an All Risk or Specified Perils policy wording for off-road vehicles in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

RideSmart (B.C. only)

This All-Risk Physical Damage policy has been developed with the experienced motorcyclist in mind, offering substantial discounts that recognize the benefits of having years of experience on the road.