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Coming Soon – Broker branded B2C and Cansure branded B2B ecommerce

Cansure have teamed up with BrokerLift to deliver an exceptional portal distribution strategy to the Canadian insurance marketplace. Through BrokerLift, brokers can create a branded ecommerce enabled website to sell transactional insurance to clients under the broker’s own brand. Through the Cansure website, brokers will be able to quote-and-bind transactional insurance with Cansure. As product portfolios are transferred to the online issuance platform over time, brokers will be able to self-service (bind, endorse, lapse, cancel, renew) policies that are generated over the brokers B2C site, the Cansure B2B site, and the existing in-force portfolio with Cansure/Beacon – all in one convenient digital marketplace.

As of May 2018 we are working on five initial product lines: boats, motorcycles (in BC), off-road vehicles, special events, and hole-in-one. We are in the testing phase with a few brokers who already have BrokerLift powered websites. We are working on the Cansure portal which will be available to all brokers around Q4 2018. Then we will concentrate on adding new products, including commercial insurance products, while we align systems on the back-end to unify the billing, branding, and in-force policy portfolios.

Watch this space for more information and contact Denise Yeng (dyeng@cansure.com) if you would like more information to start your digital journey with Cansure.