Our Mission

To provide innovative commercial insurance solutions, supported by a team of underwriting experts trusted by our broker and supplier partners alike. We do this by providing unrivalled customer service through empowerment, entrepreneurism, technology, and a workplace culture that rewards energy, contribution and a caring spirit.

Cansure is a leading supplier of property and casualty insurance to commercial and personal exposures across Canada. Our products and services are available exclusively through licensed P&C brokers. Claims are handled by our in-house examiners, and our insurers and reinsurer partners represent leading domestic and global brands.

We are proud to offer a very broad product suite covering industrial segments that include Construction, Realty, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Contractors, Recreation, Professional Services, Trucking, and more. In personal lines, Cansure offers coverage for high value homes, semi- or un-protected homes, bed & breakfast, and many other exposures that may not be covered adequately by standard insurance companies. Coverage is also available for boats, motorcycles (in BC), and off-road vehicles under the Beacon brand.

Our underwriting expertise and facilities to write even the toughest risks, or to solve for that small wrinkle in what might otherwise be a very standard placement, contributes to the trusted brand experience that our partners have come to expect.

Cansure provides a one-stop-shop experience, whether by working with our underwriters in-house, or online via the Portal.

Cansure and Beacon are registered tradenames of Specialty Program Group Canada Inc.


We exist to satisfy insurance needs in our target markets faster, better, and even where others might not.  We do this through niche insurance solutions that exceed customer expectations and foster growth and prosperity for all.  

Our vision is to be the undisputed leader in specialty insurance in Canada by being the faster, more trusted, and higher quality choice.  

Culture & Ethos

At our core, we understand that adapting to meet evolving customer needs is critical for our long-term success. Our culture embodies a passion for innovation and excellence that drives us to lead the industry and earn a reputation for setting the standard. We recognize that staying ahead of the curve requires a deep commitment to evolution and a willingness to address changing market needs. As a result, we consistently deliver results that exceed expectations for stakeholders, setting us apart as a company that takes pride in our ability to deliver on our promises. Through a culture of collaboration, creativity, and agility, we empower our teams to challenge the status quo and think outside the box. By fostering an environment that promotes experimentation and learning, we continually discover new ways to innovate and stay ahead of competition. 

Company Values


We take ownership of our work and we are passionate about exceeding customer expectations. Delighting our customers not only energizes us but also fosters engagement within our team. We take great pride in the results we achieve through our hard work and dedication to delivering exceptional customer experiences.


Innovation and constant improvement lie at the core of our values. We strive to better ourselves and our business, never settling for anything less than our best. We understand that there is always room for growth and are committed to seeking out new ways to create value and improve experiences.


We are dedicated to developing one another into true thought leaders and experts in our field. We place great importance on a collaborative environment where ideas and knowledge are freely shared, facilitating a growth mindset that benefits both our team and our business.


We value and celebrate our diversity as we firmly believe that it is the varied opinions, approaches, perspectives, and talents that fuel innovation, shaping our culture and driving our success. We proudly bring our authentic selves to work.


We firmly believe in the importance of trust and respect for one another. By empowering each team member to be their best selves, we encourage entrepreneurism, creativity, accountability, personal growth, and exceptional customer service experiences.


Our passion for our work, customers, and colleagues is unwavering. Making a positive impact is what drives us, and we relish in keeping things enjoyable. We support a healthy work-life balance and practicing disconnecting to recharge, which fosters engagement in both our personal and professional lives. 


As a leader in the insurance industry, we acknowledge the inextricable link between insurance and environmental, social, and governance issues. It is our responsibility to address crucial challenges and contribute to solving them. Therefore, we are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations and promoting community-building initiatives that align with our values. 

Charitable Sponsorships & Industry Involvement

Our company is proud to support the Women in Insurance Cancer Crusade (WICC) BC through various events fundraising towards the Canadian Cancer Society. Through our broker partners, we also enjoy opportunities to co-sponsor charitable events benefitting our communities across Canada.