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Our CYBERSURE™ product is designed to protect a wide range of cyber risks; tailor-made for small to mid-sized enterprises.

Anyone is at risk. Cybercriminals can seemingly break into any computer system in any organization, from major corporations to credit bureau companies. If large, sophisticated organizations with robust cyber defences can be penetrated, what chance do small and mid-sized businesses have?

The cost of cyber risk events is significant. Of the small to mid-sized businesses that were attacked, 58% said it cost them less than $100,000, and 41% stated it was at least $100,000.

Coverage Features

  • First Party Coverages:
    • Data Compromise Response Expense
    • Identity Recovery
    • Computer Attack, including Loss of Business
    • Cyber Extortion
    • Misdirected Payment Fraud
  • Third Party Coverages:
    • Data Compromise Liability
    • Network Security Liability
    • Electronic Media Liability


Crime insurance provides the important backstop you need for protection against possible theft by employees. It covers the resulting theft of money, securities, and other property from a business or organization.

Legal Expense

As we become a more litigious society, it is not uncommon to see legal action by unsatisfied customers, human rights complaints, and employee disputes. To help protect your clients, Cansure is excited to introduce our new Legal Expense coverage that is available as an add-on to any Cansure commercial policy or written on a stand-alone basis.

Since these issues are not covered by a commercial liability insurance policy, adding our Legal Expense coverage provides your customer with access to legal services for contract disputes, employment disputes, criminal prosecution, property disputes and personal injury. They will also have unlimited toll-free telephone access to a lawyer for immediate advice on any commercial matter.

Cansure Legal Expense can protect your bottom line and offer your clients peace of mind at an affordable price. Purchase coverage for clients on-demand by visiting the Cansure Portal, or contact an underwriter for further details.

Equipment Breakdown

Cansure’s Equipment Breakdown Coverage is one of  Canada’s broadest equipment breakdown insurance product, offering a wide variety of coverage, including full builder’s risk equipment breakdown with testing and commissioning, environmental efficiency and green coverage, to data compromise and identity recovery.

Technology is changing rapidly. Microelectronics are now the brains that control equipment, from boilers to computers. This microscopic and fragile technology is more prone to damage, and that damage is invisible to the naked eye. Cloud computing has become an integral part of the way we do business, and data centres do experience unplanned outages, exposing cloud users to business interruption and data loss.

Cansure’s Equipment Breakdown form address these emerging risks by including coverage for:

  • Microelectronics
  • Cloud Computing Service Interruption
  • Service Interruption Data Restoration
  • Off Premises Transportable Equipment
  • Public Relations


Today, every business is subject to environmental risk and liability, making the need for a versatile pollution insurance program essential in managing their exposures. The limited pollution coverage in a Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy is not sufficient when pollution exposures are of a gradual nature. Cansure’s EnviroSURE™: Pollution Liability insurance products are designed to provide you with the broad coverage you need to adequately protect businesses from the continuously changing environmental landscape.


Terrorism is real and comes in many forms, including bombings, active shootings, and vehicular attacks. At Cansure, we recognize that insureds might be vulnerable without proper coverage. To respond to this, we have developed comprehensive yet affordable terrorism property, business interruption and liability coverage that can be easily added to any Cansure policy or sold as a stand-alone policy.

Group Accident

Cansure’s comprehensive Group Accident Insurance provides accident protection for participants, members, or volunteers, of groups or associations engaged in sponsored and supervised activities of the insured. This coverage is an excellent complement to our comprehensive Commercial General Liability (CGL) product and can be conveniently added to any qualified Cansure policy as value-added coverage without purchasing a separate Group accident policy. Ease of placement means that we can also provide a stand-alone Group Accident policy when needed.

Simply complete a Cansure Group Accident Insurance application and submit it to our Underwriters for a quote.

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