Restaurants, Hotels & Bars

Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts & Bars

Cansure is one of Canada’s leading liability insurance providers for hospitality risks such as restaurants, hotels, resorts & bars. Coupled with our industry-leading liability wording, deep expertise, and quick turnaround times, we have one of Canada’s best offerings!

We have capacity available up to $5M for monoline Excess or Umbrella over a $1M underlying limit. With respect to any risk that contains or hires security services, we can offer a sub-limit for forcible ejection claim. We also offer access to legal expertise and consulting for your insureds.

Our modular policy makes it easy to tailor individual specialty coverage such as Equipment Breakdown, Terrorism Coverage, Cyber and Data Breach Coverage, Legal Expense Coverage, Group Accident Coverage and Environmental Impairment Liability.

Appetite includes:

  • Risks with 100% liquor receipts (80% in B.C.)
  • Bars / Lounges / Taverns / Nightclubs (including live events)
  • Restaurants with liquor sales
  • Unlicensed and licensed hotels and motels, including rural locations
  • Unlicensed family restaurants, fast food restaurants and kiosk restaurants

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