Do you have a client who recently had a large claim or had their insurance cancelled or non-renewed? Do they have an out-of-the-ordinary and/or risky business operation? Insurance is available for every business out there, if you know where to look.

Hard-To-Place Doesn’t Mean Impossible to Insure

Certain types of businesses don’t fit the mold for coverage by a standard insurer. A business might be hard to place or deemed ‘high risk’ if it meets any of the following criteria:

  • Owners have no prior experience
  • Owners have very little prior experience
  • High claims frequency
  • High claims severity
  • Small operations (low gross receipts or number of employees)
  • Large operations (large number of employees or gross receipts)
  • Functions that involve a high level of risk for property damage, illness, injury or death
  • Operates in areas with tough exposures (bad neighborhoods, overseas, etc.)
  • Has received a cancellation or non-renewal notice from their current carrier
  • High risk liability/CGL
  • Unfinished Builders Risk
  • Rural accounts & Vacant Properties

Each of the items listed above could make writing a business insurance policy a challenge, but it isn’t impossible. Our underwriting team at Cansure will try to find a way to place your risk.

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Ean Bellamy
Ean Bellamy(604) 694-7640 ebellamy@cansure.com

Underwriting Manager, Hospitality Practice Leader

Ean Bellamy joined Cansure in 2006, and has over 25 years of experience in the industry working for both insurers and brokers. Today, while Ean is Cansure’s Specialty Lines and Hospitality Practice Leader, he is also eager to assist brokers in all lines of business. His deep knowledge of the value and breadth of Cansure’s product lines, combined with his knack for providing value-added services and fast responses to brokers makes him an excellent resource for insurance solutions.

Nathan Tjandrawinata
Nathan Tjandrawinata(778) 777-5583 ntjandra@cansure.com

Assistant Vice President, Personal Lines

Nathan Tjandrawinata has over a decade of combined Personal Lines experience, working in both the standard and non-standard marketplace. Additionally, Nathan holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics. He understands that unlike the standard market, Cansure is here to help fit square pegs into round holes. Coupling deep expertise with a passion for service Nathan has built strong relationships with his broker customers by delivering custom solutions for challenging risks.