Beacon Ridesmart by Cansure (BC Motorcycles)

Cansure’s Ridesmart program provides an All Risk Physical Damage policy that has been developed with the experienced British Columbia motorcyclist in mind. This program offers substantial discounts that recognize the benefits of having years of experience on the road. This industry leading Agreed Value policy includes several extensions including:

  • Emergency roadside service expense coverage
  • Lock re-keying
  • Travel protection
  • $1,000 coverage for motorcycle trailers
  • $1,000 coverage for riding gear included

We believe Ridesmart truly is a better way to insure your motorcycle.

Download our product brochure for more details.

Stacey Muller
Stacey Muller(250) 804-7110


Stacey Muller has almost a decade of experience in the Off Road Vehicle & Motorcycle segment. Holding a degree in Business Administration, Stacey brings an entrepreneurial approach to the business of insurance. This, coupled with deep product knowledge, drives her to provide thoughtful coverage solutions to her broker customers. That said, Stacey understands that riders are looking for quick answers. She’s committed to providing her brokers the fastest turnaround time possible to help get their clients back on the road or trail. If you have any questions about Cansure’s Off Road Vehicle or Motorcycle products, Stacey would love to hear from you.

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