After the 9/11 attacks, almost all insurance policies excluded terrorism from coverage. Until today, this is still the case and with the rise in terror acts around the world, such incidents can leave insureds vulnerable without coverage. Terrorism is real and comes in many forms, including bombings, active shootings, and vehicular attacks.

Besides damage to property, there may also be loss of income from an incident that causes little or no property damage, which is not covered by a standard insurance policy. An example would be a terrorist attack at or near a coffee shop that results in people not going back there for some time, causing loss of business income. Businesses may also be held responsible for losses or injuries to their customers because they failed to provide reasonable protection against terrorist attacks, hence the need for Terrorism Liability.

At Cansure, we recognize that insureds might be vulnerable without proper coverage. To respond to this, we have developed comprehensive yet affordable terrorism property, business interruption and liability coverage that can be easily added to any Cansure policy or sold as a stand-alone policy.

Coverage Features

  • Cansure’s exclusive Difference in Conditions (DIC) wording over standard property and liability wordings
  • Loss of Attraction Business Income coverage from Active Shooter/Malicious Attack
  • No physical damage trigger requirement for Active Shooter /Malicious Attack
  • Coverage for crisis management and counselling services
  • Coverage for additional security costs
  • Coverage for third party liability

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Ed Quek
Ed Quekequek@cansure.com

VP of Commercial Lines

Ed Quek has more than 25 years of commercial underwriting and management experience in the Insurance industry. After graduating from the University of Southern California with a degree in Finance and Marketing, he started his insurance career in Toronto with the Sovereign General Insurance Company. Choosing to be closer to family, Ed moved back to Vancouver after several years and has since held progressive underwriting and management positions at Intact, Aviva, CNA and Economical Insurance. Ed joined Cansure in 2014 as an Underwriting Manager and helped with the growth and development of many commercial insurance products. Today, he oversees all of Cansure’s Commercial Lines as Vice President and works with the company’s 20 Commercial Lines Practice Leaders to develop and enhance their products so that Cansure maintains a leadership position in the marketplace, driven by a culture of innovation and execution. Ed is a fountain of knowledge of all aspects of the insurance industry and is a great contact to assist and support brokers.