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Cansure is a leading insurer for all manners of commercial liability exposures across Canada. With expert staff and deep experience writing primary and excess/umbrella liability for general and specialty classes of risk, along with professional liability and management liability, Cansure is sure to have a solution to for the risk you need to place.

Cansure is your market for hard to place liability such as restaurants with high liquor sales, risks with 100% US Sales, Roofing Contractors, Snow Removal Contractors, Cannabis Licensed Producers, Pharmaceutical Companies, Sprinkler Contractors, Security Companies, and much more.

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Ean Bellamy
Ean Bellamy(604) 694-7640 ebellamy@cansure.com

Senior Underwriter, Hospitality Practice Leader

Ean Bellamy joined Cansure in 2006, and has over 25 years of experience in the industry working for both insurers and brokers. Today, while Ean is Cansure’s Specialty Lines and Hospitality Practice Leader, he is also eager to assist brokers in all lines of business. His deep knowledge of the value and breadth of Cansure’s product lines, combined with his knack for providing value-added services and fast responses to brokers makes him an excellent resource for insurance solutions.

Keith Stead
Keith Stead(604) 694-6881 kstead@cansure.com

Vice President, Underwriting Operations, Casualty Practice Leader

Keith Stead has been part of the Insurance industry for almost 40 years and is proud to know that the industry plays a key role in the health of our overall economy. Working for an international brokerage and having led an MGA for many years, he has always understood that knowing this trade and craft is essential to a successful career, and that the details of our business do matter. Keith oversees Cansure’s underwriting operations as Vice President and works to encourage and mentor Cansure’s employees, and to shape the ongoing development of the company’s underwriting tools and strategies. Keith truly believes that we have an important opportunity to promote what we do and what we know, and to make our company and the insurance industry a great place to work. Keith spent most of his career focused on liability underwriting leadership and is an excellent contact to assist in any and all liability related inquiries.