Cansure’s Equipment Breakdown Coverage is one of  Canada’s broadest equipment breakdown insurance product, offering a wide variety of coverage, including full builder’s risk equipment breakdown with testing and commissioning, environmental efficiency and green coverage, to data compromise and identity recovery.

Technology is changing rapidly. Microelectronics are now the brains that control equipment, from boilers to computers. This microscopic and fragile technology is more prone to damage, and that damage is invisible to the naked eye. Cloud computing has become an integral part of the way we do business, and data centres do experience unplanned outages, exposing cloud users to business interruption and data loss.

Cansure’s Equipment Breakdown form address these emerging risks by including coverage for:

  • Microelectronics
  • Cloud Computing Service Interruption
  • Service Interruption Data Restoration
  • Off Premises Transportable Equipment
  • Public Relations

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