Cansure’s Earthquake Deductible Buy-Down product is designed to be written as an extension to an existing Cansure policy, or as a stand-alone policy over any insurance policy. Today, the minimum earthquake deductible on an insurance policy can be as much as 20% of the policy limit. With this product, you can buy your deductible down to as low as 3%.

For example, if you had a $10MM building with a 20% Earthquake deductible, you would be responsible for payment of $2MM as your deductible. If you bought the deductible down to 5%, you would only be liable for $500,000 and the Buy-Down coverage would pay the difference of $1.5MM in the event of an Earthquake claim.

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Megan Beauchamp
Megan Beauchamp(604) 235-5981


Megan Beauchamp first joined Cansure in 2013. Three years after joining, Megan took the opportunity to move to Ontario to become a member of the growing Toronto team, where she spent nearly two years. Since then, Megan has returned home and rejoined the Vancouver office. She has worked closely with leadership to underwrite the Earthquake Deductible Buy-Down facility. Alongside her daily underwriting, she is actively pursuing her CIP and CRM designations.