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Our strategic intent is to be Canada’s leading source for underwriting solutions. With our business and underwriting experience, we believe we have the ability to leverage our internal resources, capabilities and core competencies to sustain a competitive value proposition for brokers in Canada. It is our mission to continuously offer innovative product solutions, regardless of market conditions.

All our insurance products have been innovated and tailored to specific client needs and industry segments. By dealing with the highest caliber of security and coverage innovation, including a focus on claim services, you are assured of market leading coverage options for your clients.

We currently issue policies under Beacon Underwriting Ltd. and our registered trade-name, Can-Sure Underwriting.



We lead the marketplace through vision, technology and service. We leverage these capabilities to deliver our strategies and eliminate organizational barriers. We value and develop our employees’ diverse talents, initiative and leadership.


Integrity is implicit in all that we do; it is an essential element of the way we do business. We conduct ourselves honestly, openly and fairly, so our brokers know they can trust us. We will only operate within the letter and spirit of the law.


We place great value on the new ideas, products and services we offer our brokers. We take risks and learn from our mistakes in order to continually improve.


We develop close, mutually productive relationships with our brokers and insurance companies. We build sustainability into our products, services and operations. We pride ourselves in our ability to innovate and make quick, authoritative underwriting decisions.